Santa Cruz Bullit

11Santa Cruz Bullit

Climb higher, to better descend

The Santa Cruz Bullit has been designed to make the most of the most demanding, steepest and often most remote trails, whichever way you ride them. Roots, rocks, drops, imagine the worst of the terrain, usually reserved for the big guns in our range, like the Nomad or the Megatower, and tell yourself that the Bullit will make it its favourite playground, approached with a whole new approach.

While the Heckler’s focus is on agility and playfulness, the Bullit is all about pushing the limits. 170mm of travel, a 38mm fork and DoubleDown tyres assert the offensive side of this model. It is happy to venture into V10 territory, except that it doesn’t need lifts!

The success of the Syndicate on the Mixed Wheel platform has led us to consider this format for the Bullit. The team proved to us that the differentiated wheel sizes bring the confidence and speed of the 29″ while keeping the liveliness and handling of a 27.5″ rear wheel. This also means, for an ebike, that you can manage the chainstay length to find the best balance between traction, stability and handling. The fact that you can get further behind the saddle on the steepest descents is an additional argument.

The longer descents require more commitment to reach. Luckily, the Shimano STEPS EP8 system offers a lighter, more powerful (85Nm), more compact and more efficient way to get there. The EP8 has also been reworked to give more power in trail mode without affecting range. Combined with the Shimano 630Wh battery, the Bullit is guaranteed to tackle the longest and toughest of climbs in order to access endless, all the more exhilarating descents!



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