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Faction Agent 3.0

The Faction Agent 3.0

Introducing the brand-new, lightweight, touring-focused Agent 3.0 limited release. Featuring a lightweight karuba wood core, 106mm waist, full carbon weave for torsional strength and an elliptical radius sidecut, the Agent 3.0 is the ultimate free-touring ski.

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Nitro Squash Snowboar

News Nitro Snowboards 2019/2020

The Squash, which appeared last year in the Quiver, makes little ones (literally and figuratively): a split women version in 152, another for kids, and a "solid" for young people now available in 137 ( above) and in 142. The pretty directional board is in trend...

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ROXA R3 130

ROXA R3 130 T.I. – I.R.


This unique technology combines a 3 piece construction (shell/cuff/tongue) that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. Cabrio boots are extremely versatile and really shine in varied terrain and snow conditions.

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Skis Movement GO

Movement skis GO

This winter Movement is all about a new lightweight Go range that is geared more towards a freerando practice! If the ribbing lines are the same, the skis are equipped with a new, more comfortable construction and a colorful design.

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Faction Prodigy 2.O Collab Kengo

Faction Prodigy 2.O Collab Kengo

Faction continues to distil us from exclusive series. For this season, Japanese artist Kengo Kimura has been asked for an exclusive design of Prodigy 2.0. This Faction Prodigy 2.0 Collab Kengo is manufactured in very few copies.

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Faction Agent 2.0

Faction News

2020 marks the return of the Freerando Agent range at Faction! The Swiss brand also launches this winter a freestyle women BC range by Mr. Candide Thovex. No no you're not dreaming, the range Candide Mademoiselle comes in two models at 102 and 112mm in the skate (same shape and construction as the Candide 2.0 and 3.0).

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